Under the qualitative leadership of Mr. Sakhi Ahmad, President of the organization, Peyman has developed the unique quality taste in its product and earns the encouragement of Afghan people to the extent to farther our business outreach to various places and serves the people with our dedicated services.
We firmly believe that Payman never compromised on the quality of its product and will never tarnish the trust and confidence of our people, which they bestowed through approval of the product to the greater extent.
We believe that through our utmost efforts Payman will come up to the great expectation of the people and the product will be find its place as a family item in their houses and Payman will find itself proud to see its product loved by every walks and strata of life.
We are going to establish various outlets of our product in every vicinity and areas of the cities of Afghanistan so that the product is reached to develop the taste of children, women and men alike.
I hope that through our efforts which we have taken as mission and adventure to develop a unique taste of our product will be complimented by the people of Afghanistan.